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Yan frowned, muttered, after a moment, suddenly raised his head, he is not far away, with an aperture ‘He hesitated a moment, just walked up closer aperture, then stepped inside.
stepped aperture that Yi Sha, although if only just a moment, but Xiao Yan is felt like after a few years, hundreds of years in general, but when it is at a loss, the body is suddenly startled, lush grasslands, It replaces the white world, appeared in the eye of his.
‘Here is …… reckless waste ancient domain?’
Seeing the huge patch of grassland,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan blankly muttered, in that disturbance of memory, here, so that was kind of familiar feeling boat.
body stand the air,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan eyes around,Coach Factory Outlet, and saw to it is empty plains, the whole earth today, all trace of a lonely atmosphere, here, as if a man with only his existence ……, ‘Roar! ‘ However
face, just four sweep when Xiao Yan, between heaven and earth around, suddenly heard the sound of shattering roar, immediately, the red tide beast,Coach Outlet, like a touch of scarlet blood line in general, at the end of the Pentium line of sight since then, several blink of an eye ‘will come out now within its Baizhang, fishy taste, oncoming.
looking at the overwhelming Xiongshou, Xiao Yan frowned, palm lift, an indescribable energy terrible,Coach Outlet Online, like the destruction of fluctuations in general, since its palm spread out, and along with it the destruction of stocks fluctuate diffuse, those who go into the all of its Xiongshou baizhang within the body, regardless of its strength at what level, actually are all in this Yisha ashes Xiao Yan looked somewhat haggard Lima less a large influx of animals , immediately stunned looking at his hand,Coach Outlet Online, this force, so powerful that unspeakable, ‘as if he was just ready now, this world will collapse under his ideas ……’ …… This

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